You can now find out the date and timeframe of your next inspection on this website or through an automated call system or text message. All you need is your Inspection ID. Simply enter it here or call or send a text message to 312-544-0302. If texting, please make sure to only include your Inspection ID. Anything more and you will receive an instruction message on how to use the system. In addition, you can now contact the Inspections Department directly via e-mail:

Housing Choice Voucher Inspections Department    Property Rental Assistance Inspections Department
Email: Email:

Is there a new e-mail or phone number you want to have on file?
Save yourself a trip to the Owner Services Department or one of the Regional Offices and contact the CHA Customer Call Center to have your latest information updated today:
Housing Choice Voucher Department    Property Rental Assistance Department
Email: hcv@thecha.orgEmail:

We are constantly improving our system and your input is needed. Click here to take a 1 minute survey about your most recent inspection.

Please be advised: We will transition to a new inspections management system effective July 1, 2016. If the first inspection of a unit occurs prior to July 1st, you will need to click here to look up the inspection results in the old portal. This portal will only show results if the first inspection of a unit occurs July 1st or after.

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